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Python & GitHub Actions

Lviv.py#9 路 Apr 30, 2020

GitHub Actions introduction for Python libraries & projects needs. Examples on how to use them for Python libraries, projects, JavaScript libraries & full stack projects.


OpenAPI 3 & Python

Lviv.py#8 路 Dec 19, 2019

Brief overview on how to use OpenAPI 3 within Python web-frameworks: aiohttp & rororo, Flask & connexion, Django & Django REST Framework and others. Whether it better to use manually created openapi.yaml schema or generate it from Python code?


Igor and the Holy Grail (Lighting Talk)

PyCon DE 2019 路 Oct 9, 2019

7 years ago I started my Holy Grail findings. After:

  • routr (and the attempt to make a web framework)
  • jsl (and the attempt to provide principles to build web applications for Flask, aiohttp.web or any web framework)
  • GraphQL (and abandoning REST API as a whole)

I've discovered OpenAPI 3 Schema and, thankfully to pyramid3_openapi, I've decided to rebuild my rororo library to bring OpenAPI 3 schema support to aiohttp.web applications.

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How to make your own CI/CD tool with Python 3

PyCon Estonia 2019 路 Oct 3, 2019

The story about my findings after I decided to create CI/CD tool with Python 3. See how to prototype this kind of tool, how to work with GitHub API & how to enforce best from asyncio stack to get a working solution.


Why I鈥檓 using poetry, when you aren鈥檛

Kyiv.py#25 路 Mar 23, 2019

Talk about poetry 鈥 tool for Python packaging and dependency management. How I鈥檓 using it, what its benefits and problems. How and when it can replace pip, and when it cannot.


How type annotations make your code better?

PyCon DE 2018 路 Oct 24, 2018

Why you might need to start thinking in data structures, or how to make your code more maintainable & predictable, while increase your development experience.


How to migrate from Django REST Framework to GraphQL API

OdessaPY Conference 2018 路 Sep 30, 2018

Describing my experience in migration from Django REST Framework to GraphQL using graphene-django.


Is asyncio stack ready for web development?

PyCon CZ 2018 路 Jun 2, 2018

Lessons learned from running aiohttp web application in production for 15+ months. Reasons why to choose asyncio stack for web development over standard Django / Flask approaches.

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Type Annotations & mypy. 9 months later

Kyiv.py#21 路 Aug 12, 2017

Describing how I use type annotations & mypy in production.


API Wars. Episode X - GraphQL

UA PyCon 2017 路 Apr 9, 2017

Lessons learned after using GraphQL and Python in production.


Oh my py. Type hinting in Python

Dnepr.py#5 路 Nov 2, 2016

Introduction to type hinting (type annotations) in Python.

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async/await in Python. One year later

SE 2016 路 Sep 3, 2016

Findings & lessons from using async/await in Python for last year.


Why you might need Firebase?

UA PyCon 2016 路 Apr 24, 2016

Brief overview of Firebase and how to work with it in Python.


CircleCI or: How I learned to stop worrying and love CI again

UA PyCon 2016 路 Apr 23, 2016

Comparing CircleCI and other CI services and find out why it works much better for my needs.


Advanced async/await in Python 3.5

Lviv.py#5 路 Nov 28, 2015

Describing how to implement Python backend for Server Side Events (SSE) & WebSockets.


Welcome to async/await era

PyCon Finland 2015 路 Oct 19, 2015

Overview of new additions to Python 3.5: async/await statements.

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Asyncio Stack & React.js or Development on the Edge

EuroPython 2015 路 Jul 20, 2015

Developing modern web applications with React.js on frontend and Python 3 Asyncio stack on backend.

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Fast Python

IT Weekend Kyiv 路 Jun 20, 2015

Brief overview of practices to write faster Python code.


Introduction to Asyncio Stack

Lviv.py#4 路 May 30, 2015

Brief introduction to Asyncio stack for Python web developers. Describing aiohttp.web, aiopg, and rororo - libraries for building web applications on top of Python 3.

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All about Flask Extensions

Dnepr.py#2 路 Mar 29, 2014

Things to know about making Flask extensions.


How SQLAlchemy saving the world?

Kharkiv.py#10 路 Mar 22, 2014

Overview of powerful SQLAlchemy features and how they saving the world.


Less Is Better?

Kyiv.py#11 路 Oct 26, 2013

How and why I failed at Django Dash competition?


Couchbase for Python developers

Hotcode 2013 路 Jun 1, 2013

Introduction to Couchbase: yet another NoSQL database built on top of Memchached & CouchDB.


In Flask We Trust

UA PyCon 2012 路 Oct 21, 2012

Detailed introduction of Flask micro web-framework.

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Selenium and other UI-testing tools in Python

Kyiv.py#8 路 Sep 22, 2012

How Selenium solves problems with UI unit-testing by Twill, mechanize & WebTest.


Combine multiple Flask applications at one Heroku host

IT Jam 2012 路 Sep 1, 2012

Quick how-to on deploying multile Flask applications to one Heroku host.


Speed up execution of Django tests

UA PyCon 2011 路 Oct 22, 2011

Overview of technics and solutions to speed up Django tests execution.