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As many of you, I have decent online presence. Below, I collected the most interesting links & social profiles of myself. The list for sure is not complete, as why it should, but content there should be enough to get a better understanding of who is Igor Davydenko.

Social & Messengers



GitHub profile

Music & Movies


Yeah, Last.fm is not dead. And here is full list of music I鈥檝e listened to


Movies, I鈥檝e watched and rated


I鈥檓 buying the music I like. It aint much, but it鈥檚 honest work


Check music gigs I鈥檝e attended or plan to



馃挭 馃弮 馃毑

I have profiles in other social networks as well, so in case you鈥檒l run into an Igor Davydenko or playpauseandstop profile somewhere 鈥 big chance that it鈥檒l be me.

And yes, my email address is: iam@igordavydenko.com. Feel free to say Hi! if you鈥檙e share same interests or would like to talk with me.