Hi, I’m Igor Davydenko, Python / JavaScript web developer that likes making web applications for real world.

For last 12 years I was a part of many engineering teams, most notably of: oDesk PS, GetGoing Inc., ezhome Inc., EVO, LifeStreet Media. Most recently I start consulting Python startups and help them perform better using modern web technologies such as Python asyncio stack, OpenAPI 3, GraphQL, React, and many others. I have an experience of making numerous web applications for real world customers and understanding which technologies may suit best one product or another.
There is no silver bullet, but I have strong knowledge of aiohttp.web & Django at backend and React & its hooks at frontend, which makes me comfortable in designing & implementing modern web applications.
In same time I have a will to share my knowledge with others via Twitter, my blog, talks, and my open source projects such as rororo or aiohttp-middlewares. I’ve talked much about Python type annotations and how they make code more maintainable and developer experience more seamless. I’ve invited Python developers to use Python asyncio stack, as well as describe my experience with GraphQL, OpenAPI 3, and other technologies. Full list of my talks and open source projects available on my site.
Currently I’m looking for opportunities in consulting Python / React projects or part-time remote jobs in same area. Take a look at my CV and if you’re interested please send me an email.
I am married to Svitlana Davydenko, Ukrainian painter and art curator. Accumulating her experience in painting, teaching oil painting for adults and kids, curating Ukrainian artists, we founded OBJECTS art prize: an art prize for young Ukrainian artists. Our goal is to help young artists find new audience and markets and share their work with European art communities. Check 2020 art prize edition for more details.
I with Svitlana are passionate travelers. For last 7 years we visited and lived in many places around the world. I have strong feeling, that traveling across the world helps me being better human, as I learned how people lives, thinks, and communicates in many different situations and conditions. My goal is to visit 4 new countries every year, and if you interested in having me at PyCon conference in your country, please send me an email.
Thanks for reading this, and to contact me please use an email, Twitter, or Telegram.