Igor Davydenko:Igor Davydenko CV

Python / JavaScript developer

Male. 32 years old. Born at Aug 15th, 1987 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently lives in Lviv, Ukraine. Married to Svitlana Davydenko, Ukrainian painting artist & art curator. No children. Has a dog.


2004 – 2006
Unfinished. National University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"


Python 3
Using Python for work needs from 2007. Has a strong knowledge in Python 3, asyncio stack & type annotations. Knows how to port Python 2 code to Python 3
Python web-frameworks
Using Django, Flask, and aiohttp for building backends for different web applications. For last 3 years using aiohttp as main web framework
JavaScript, CSS, HTML5
Built first web site in 2002, since actively improve my experience with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. No afraid in using vanilla JavaScript without Babel
Knows pros & cons of React and as result using it on daily basis for creating modern web user interfaces for real world projects. Using React hooks for all good things
Data Storages
Using PostgreSQL as a data storage for most of the projects & Redis as a cache layer. In same time has a production experience with: Memcached, CouchBase, Firebase, Kafka
Has a strong feeling, that reliable infrastructure is a must for any modern web application. Knows how to deploy web applications, and how to integrate best dev practices with CI services, such as Circle CI, Gitlab CI & Jenkins. Deployed applications to Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku, Hetzner Cloud
Developer Experience
Using git for source management all my projects. Working between GitHub & Gitlab. Integrating black, prettier (for code formatting needs), flake8, mypy, eslint (for lint needs) to every possible project via pre-commit hooks. Has a confidence in enforcing code style guides for teams to help them perform better & faster


42 Coffee Cups (2008 – 2011)
Mostly using Django for developing web applications for many different customers. Also been a lead developer of internal tool to manage developers within the team.
oDesk PS (2011 – 2012)
Combined Django & Flask for development applications on top of oDesk (now Upwork) API. Those applications allowed customers to use oDesk freelancers for their needs.
GetGoing Inc. (2012 – 2015)
Took a part in designing & implementing hotels search for GetGoing travel startup from the scratch. Heavily used Celery for interaction between different system parts, took a part in integrating React at frontend instead of old Backbone/Marionette UI.
ezhome Inc. (2015 – 2016)
Been a lead develoer of internal tools for ezhome Inc. managers. Provided a React components library, which simplifies development of many similarly looked applications for customer, gardener management, coordinating gardeners in the field, and find a schedule fastest routes for the gardeners. As well as took part in Django backend development & interaction with Firebase.
EVO Company (2016 – 2018)
Team Lead of Vchasno project: web application for signing documents that conforms Ukrainian laws. Designed and built a backend for storing signed data at backend on top of aiohttp. As well as designed blackbox tool to integrate Vchasno into accountant software such as 1C.
Poptop (2017 – 2018)
Provided consultations for Poptop startup. Optimized Django backend performance. Integrated GraphQL into Django backend (via graphene-django) and React frontend (via Apollo).
LifeStreet Media (2018 – 2019)
Developed HTML5 mobile games on top of Phaser framework. Built an UI kit with common components to simplify & speedup mobile game development process.
Remak A.S. (2018 – 2020)
Provided consultations for internal AHU Platform project, an attempt to migrate C++ toolset to the web. Using aiohttp at backend and React at frontend. Integrated umbrella repository deployment to Hetzner Cloud on top of Gitlab CI.
RxNumerix Inc. (2018 – 2019)
Built a demo and MVP for RxNumerix Inc. US startup. Both demo and MVP has been built on top of Python 3 & Django at backend & React at frontend. Implemented own CI / CD tool to manage demo / MVP deploys on top of Python 3 & asyncio stack. Heavily use of Amazon AWS infrastructure (Elastic BeansTalk, CloudFront, S3, etc).

OBJECTS art prize

I with my wife, Svitlana Davydenko, are founders of OBJECTS art prize: an anually art prize for young Ukrainian artists. Our goal to connect Ukrainian artists with art instutions within Ukraine & Europe, showcase works of talented artists at art prize finalists exhibition, and help artists to find new audience and markets.

2019 Edition
There were 309 application from artists of 52 Ukrainian cities. The art prize finalists exhibition held from Mar 16th till Mar 23rd 2019. Art prize winner Iurii Denysenkov granted with 2 additional exhibitions: one in Berlin, Germany at Oct 18th, 2019, second in Kyiv, Ukraine at Mar 10th, 2020.
2020 Edition
Open Call for participants: Feb 1st - Mar 1st 2020. Art prize finalists exhibition will held at Mar 21st, 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine.