Igor Davydenko

Python & React.js developer

Hello, I'm Igor Davydenko.

I am Python and React.js developer from Kyiv, Ukraine. I like making web applications and libraries for humans and giving talks about the process. I also like contributing to open source for all good things.

I was a huge Flask fanboy, who trusted in Flask and its extensions. I created or maintained Flask-And-Redis, Flask-FlatPages, Flask-LazyViews, and Flask-Dropbox extensions. But recently I switched to Python 3 and Asyncio stack on backend and start making React.js applications on frontend. The switch was so satisfied for me, so I started to talk about it and encourage other developers to follow me. If you interested too, you should check my work on rororo project.

Now I'm working as Senior Software Engineer in Ezhome Inc. and not looking for the new challenges, opportunities, or anything how HR called a job. I'm totally fine on where I am, so please don't send me a vacancy emails. Thanks!

I married to Svitlana Davydenko, ukrainian oil-painting artist. Her main project is Eatmore ART – a school for people, who involved in painting. With this school we try to change people priorities, to start eating more art instead of consuming meaningless staff.

And in other, I love travelling, listening music, attending music gigs, watching sports events, reviewing NFL season, sometimes drinking cider, and enjoying my life with friends and colleagues.